Cinenovel is a new, highly imaginative genre of storytelling created specifically for modern screen devices. The Cinenovel concept tastefully blends traditional literature with photographic elements, graphics, cinematic visual effects and audio to produce a fully immersive reading entertainment.

A selective, craft publisher, Cinenovel is dedicated to making the highest caliber original stories and classics of literature accessible to a broad audience through its proprietary design and production process.


The Plunge Of Icarus

A Futuristic Tale About The Past

By Jeff Buchanan

In the not too distant future, on the Isle of Crete in the Aegean Sea, a modern Mount Olympus has been resurrected as an Air Force

superpower. The pilots here have been raised since birth to believe they are the new Greek gods, fighting a never ending war. Icarus is Olympus’ most decorated pilot. Calloused by war the young flyer has never questioned what it is he does.

All of that changes one day in a revelation high above the clouds that begins to unravel the labyrinth of mysteries surrounding the war. Icarus inadvertently discovers love as he is plunged into a conscience about killing.



500 static frames of visually-driven storytelling Expandable text for ease of reading Economical file size Previously Censored Frames Presented Un-Altered



Jasser Membreno

We are surrounded by images in our daily life as never before. In Jasser Membreno’s beautiful book, Pensamientos, he relieves our saturation from the dense mundane and lifts us into the heights of human imagination, on a masterful flight to the world of his unique imagery and abstract poetry. It is a journey through his surrealistic narrative without a narrative, with fantastical creatures–reawakening our imagination from the overexposed visual landscape of our bit-filled times to the thrilling recollection of the reality and absurdity of our dream worlds. He reminds us of the vastness of the human mind.

On entering this universe you will often find yourself in two places at once, and equally as often in two languages at once. Translated from English into Spanish, laid side by side, Gloria Alvarez has kept the keen sonic sensibility present in Membreno’s pointed poetry, at times coy, at times absurd.

Learn more at ThoughtsV1.Com.


Cinenovel is a unique alternative to traditional literature, blending visual frames with a literary manuscript and augmenting with voice-over, sonic accompaniment, and sound design to produce an engaging, fully immersive reading entertainment for tablets, smart phones and lap tops.

Further enhancing the reading experience Cinenovels have cancelable audio elements to allow the reader to shape the reading experience to their individual taste and mood.


“Love this ebook! A totally unique reading experience. Part traditional novel, part graphic novel, part live-action cinematic experience, a unique art form and compelling read. The perfect mixture of sci-fi, and mythology, I found the whole read/watch/listen to be truly immersive and entertaining. The mixture of audio visual elements with the text elevates this to something more than a traditional novel or book on tape. Hard to describe as you need to experience yourself. Highly recommend!”

“’The Plunge of Icarus” is a Cinenovel. If you have never heard of or seen a Cinenovel—you’re in for a treat. You can read it like a traditional book, listen to the narrated version and add music. Leave your reality and become part of this new world. You are immersed in the story and will not want to leave… Beautifully written and photographed… the combination creates an original art form.”


Read Cinenovels in different formats through any device. On-the-go connected whether on your mobile, tablet, or desktop.

In Development

Cinenovel’s Classics division presents classics of literature in their fully unabridged manuscripts, preserving the author’s original words and intent and upholding the integrity of these masterpieces of print. Unlike a feature film interpretation, the Cinenovel approach provides a unique platform to visually augment literary classics without deleting or altering any of the original text. This process ensures the preservation of the author’s original work.

Joseph Conrad’s


Joseph Conrad’s haunting tale of a riverboat captain retained by an ivory trader to travel up the Congo into the dark heart of Africa at the end of the 19th Century to meet the mysterious Mr. Kurtz remains one of English literature’s timeless classics.

Conrad’s mastering of words t ransforms the unsettling task of dangerous travel in remote Africa to a brilliantly poetic tale about one man’s symbolic descent into the darkest regions of the soul.

Cinenovel is proud to preserve Joseph Conrad’s classic novel in its entirety, augmenting this compelling story with engaging and haunting visuals in a production that will present this literary classic as it has never been read or seen before.

Lewis Carrol’s


The timeless classic that defies description and transcends the genre of children’s literature, Alice in Wonderland tells the surrealistic and imaginative tale of Alice as she goes down the rabbit hole into a strange land of whimsical and bizarre

characters. The Cinenovel production promises a dynamic visionary interpretation to bring Lewis Carrol’s words to life as it has never been before.

The Creators

Jeff Buchanan

Jeff Buchanan is an award-winning commercial director and film producer whose films have screened at Cannes and in the prestigious Deauville Film Festival. Buchanan brings his experience as a director, photographer, producer, publisher and writer into the highly unique and imaginative alchemy of visual storytelling that is Cinenovel.

“The imaginative alchemy of Cinenovel is intended to enhance the traditional reading experience and make the magic of storytelling accessible to a wider audience through its innovative, visual presentation.”

Jasser Membreno

Jasser Membreno is a Cal Arts graduate and a highly accomplished artist whose original artwork has been featured in galleries and art programs throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Melding an extensive knowledge of classical art with modern, dynamic graphic design, Membreno brings a distinctive visual touch to the frames of Cinenovel.

Cinenovel came out of the creator’s ardent desire to work with complete artistic autonomy. The result has been the invention of an entirely fresh storytelling medium that blurs the line between reading and film.